2020 Presentation Evening

Music accompanied by James Williams

Welcome to the LHS Class of 2020 Presentation Event.


It has been a difficult year and the current situation means that we have been unable to hold our annual Presentation Evening   to formally celebrate the achievements of your summer

exams, which seems such a long time ago now!  However, we didn’t want the opportunity to pass without being able to

congratulate and reward so many of you on your fabulous achievements during your time at Lode Heath.


Many of you will already look so different since the last time we met in March, and it’s always great for us to see how much you have grown up and moved on since leaving Lode Heath. We look forward to a time when we will be able to hear in

person about what you are all doing since leaving us.


This remote event provides the opportunity to provide you with a number of awards; there are subject awards, as well as some other special awards the details of which will be

explained in the individual speeches.


Finally, please be aware that GCSE Exam certificate collection will take place on Thursday 26th November. Students must book one of the following time slots:




Booking must be done via email at:



You will not be able to collect your certificates if you have not booked a time slot.

Headteachers Welcome

Religious Studies Award

Science Award

PE Award

Geography Award

Drama Award

Languages  Award

History Award

Math's Award

English Award

Art Award

Music Award

Business Award

Citizenship Award

Media Studies Award

Computer Science Award

Statistics Award

Progress Award

Examinations Shield

Shield of Endeavour

Services to School Award

Headteachers Award

Thank you and good luck!