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Throughout years 7-9 students will explore different art and design techniques. They will develop skills in a range of fine art mediums and explore the concepts of drawing and colour theory. Students will learn basic art skills and techniques and develop their understanding of colour. Work studied will include elements of art history as well as the development of artistic skills. Through looking at a range of artists work students will gain an understanding of different techniques and genres within Art & Design. Students will develop knowledge that should give them the skills and creativity to thrive at GCSE.

KS4 Art & Design (Fine Art)

This two year course is designed to offer students the opportunity to work in a range of materials both 2-D and 3-D, experiment with their own personal ideas and develop a range of creative processes.  Students will develop skills learnt in Key stage 3 and will also investigate different themes and subjects from the work of other artists to aid in their creative process. Year 10 is an opportunity for students to develop their skills and learn new techniques. 


Assessments are based on the recording, development, refinement and presentation of an idea.  Student success at Art GCSE can be attributed to skills in handling materials and a disciplined approach to productivity, ensuring work is produced to the highest of standards and the deadlines met.   


The course is made up of two components; a Portfolio (60%) and an externally set task (40%).  Pupils will be expected to: develop artefacts and personal outcomes in relation to their chosen area of study.  The Portfolio is made up of practical work, which explores the skills, knowledge and understanding in the learner’s chosen practical area of study.  This specification is 100% non-exam assessment; all components are internally marked and externally moderated by visit.


 A GCSE in Art & Design (Fine Art) can lead to further studies and potential employment in fields such as:

  • Graphic Design

  • Illustration

  • Fine Art

  • Fashion

  • Interior Design

  • Theatre Design

  • Filmmaking

  • Architecture

  • Photography

  • Animation


The course offered has high expectations in terms of the work produced both in terms of quantity and quality, but the personal rewards are well worth the hard work!


Any questions regarding GCSE Art & Design please speak to Ms Palmer.

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