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English                                                                        Curriculum Video

The English faculty at Lode Heath School are a passionate and committed group of staff who understand that excellent levels of literacy ensure success both academically and over the course of an individual’s life.


We have put together a broad curriculum that covers a range of 19th, 20th and 21st century texts that teach students about the world around them as well as developing the key literacy skills needed for success in modern Britain. 


Students will complete exams in both English Literature and English Language.  Across these courses, students will develop both reading and writing skills as well as there being opportunities for speaking and listening which is also assessed at GCSE.


Our KS3 curriculum is designed to build on the skills students are taught at KS2 as well as expose them to a variety of engaging and challenging fiction and non-fiction texts including poetry and Shakespeare.


Our KS4 curriculum builds on these skills and prepares students for their GCSEs.  Our focus is on creating articulate, independent and perceptive writers and readers. 


For the English Literature course, students currently study Macbeth, An Inspector Calls, A Christmas Carol and the Power and Conflict poetry anthology.

To enrich the curriculum, we hold regular writing competitions as well as trips to local theatres. 

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