KS3 Curriculum

Students at Key Stage 3 are offered a broad curriculum, building on their learning experiences from Key Stage 2 and preparing them for the next stage in their journey. There is a wealth of resources available to ensure all students are challenged and supported to fulfil their potential in the first phase of their secondary education. Each student is treated as an individual, with personal guidance and target setting.

Lode Heath School places a special emphasis on core subject skills, thinking skills and emotional literacy for all students in Year 7 and is working closely with partner primary schools to ensure continuity of experience. There is an emphasis on personalised learning, with each student benefitting from personal target setting in each subject as part of the learning experience.

A competence-based approach to learning is being developed to complement the more traditional subject-based approach. Great importance is placed on acquiring learning skills which can be adapted to any situation and students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and organisation built on a SET to learn approach and strong pastoral system.

Students have a 3 year KS3, making their GCSE subject choices mid-way through Year 9.

Please see below for an exemplar timetable for KS3, the lesson periods are 1 hr each:

*Rotation subjects change each term and include Graphics, Catering, Design and Technology, Music and Drama.

*MFL- Modern Foreign Languages is either French or German.

KS4 Curriculum

The GCSE curriculum continues to offer breadth and diversity, covering a range of subjects for all students, but also offering opportunities for students to specialise in areas of the curriculum they wish to develop further. Courses are designed to be relevant for students and to match their talents and interests. Students are supported in selecting their personal pathway including traditional academic and vocational courses (GCSEs, BTECs, etc).

We work with other training providers to ensure a variety of possibilities and options for students in Key Stage 4. We work in partnership with Arden School within the AMAT Trust to plan for the future and will continue to develop in order to deliver opportunities and fulfilling learning experiences for our pupils.

Please see below for an exemplar timetable for KS4, the lesson periods are 1hr each:

*Please see the curriculum page for further information on the Option Subjects available.

*Triple Science Awards requires students to complete 1 hour of their study after school, a Double Award is completed within the 3 hours of their normal school timetable.


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