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The Arden Multi-Academy Trust is governed by a board of Trustees made up of business people and educational specialists. The board of Trustees is responsible for monitoring and ensuring standards and achievement across the Trust’s schools; efficiency and effectiveness of executive leadership and services; and the strategic direction of the Trust as it responds to local and national demands and policy.


Lode Heath School has a Local Governing Body and the role of governors is distinct from that of the management of the school. They offer challenge and support to the Associate Headteacher and the Leadership Team in running and developing the school; this is sometimes referred to as being the “critical friend”. In doing so the Governors act collectively to secure the best possible performance by the academy with the one primary aim which is to maximise the life chances of every one of the pupils in its care. Along with this comes a recognition of our role as a school at the heart of its local community.


The Governors meet collectively as a full Local Governing Body and also as two sub-committees: Teaching & Learning (T&L) and Behaviour, Safety, Inclusion & Intervention (BSII).  These are in addition to the full Trust board and sub-committee meetings. 


List of Governors

Glen Bate  -  Governing Body Chair
Laura Suddon  -  Associate Headteacher
Malcolm Allsopp - Vice-Chair of Governors
Cathy Hackney  - Teacher Governor

Charlie Dunbar - Staff Governor
John King  -  Governor
Ian Mackay -  Governor
Michael Sullivan -  Governor

Gillian Short - Community Governor

Khurran Saleem -  Parent Governor

Aisha Khan - Parent Governor 

Charlotte Smith - Parent Governor 

Paul Singh - Parent Governor

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