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Parent Forum

Next meeting: 7th October 2019

Do you have a little spare time on your hands?  Would you like to meet like minded people who have a vested interest in your child’s education? The Lode Heath Parent’s Forum maybe just what you are looking for?  Meeting for approximately 1 hour every 6-8 weeks (every half term) parents can meet with a member of Senior Management.  The agenda is very fluid and driven by the parents, not the school, so any general questions, ideas, or concerns you may have can be raised here.  It’s also a great way to gain insight into what’s happening in other year groups, as well as what’s happening within the school.


So come along and join the Parent’s Forum, there’s no obligation…….contact the Headteacher’s PA if you would like to know more.  The next meeting is arranged for 7th October 2019 – please let School Reception know if you wish to attend.


It would be great to see you there, tea, coffee and biscuits provided!  


Why a “Forum”?
The dictionary definition of the word “Forum” is “an open meeting place for discussion and the exchange of ideas”.

The aim of the Parents Forum is to:

  • Improve engagement and communication with parents/carers

  • Increase the number of parents/carers that are involved in ongoing-development of provision at Lode Heath

  • One collective voice – to discuss and exchange ideas.

  • Promote excellence in the quality, range and accessibility of provision for all

  • Membership

The Parents’ Forum is open to all parents and carers.
Meetings will be held on a Monday toward the end of each half term (dates available on the school website) from 6pm to 7pm at the ILC Centre. Meetings will be facilitated by a representative of the Senior Leadership Team but the agenda will be set by the group.
Concerns and issues raised are to be presented to Senior Leadership and Curriculum Development

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