The Physical Education department at Lode Heath School are a dedicated and passionate group of staff who are committed to providing the most opportunities for your child to achieve and develop both during curriculum time and extra curricular activities.


We have a broad curriculum which is tailored to individuals and groups; covering a range of activities and sports, from traditional sports such as rugby, football, table tennis, badminton, trampolining and athletics; to parkour, team building, korfball and Gaelic football.


Our KS3 curriculum is broad enough to build skills and prepare students for examination PE, whilst exposing them to a variety of challenging environments.


Our KS 4 curriculum develops skills learnt in keys stage 3 where all pupils continue their physical development with one hour per week of PE.


We also offer GCSE PE and Btec first award in Sport. The GCSE covers a wide range of topics including anatomy, physiology, psychology and sociological aspects of sport, along side practical aspects of sport. The btec sport course combines written work on leaderships, anatomy and practical sport; based on an applied model where there is no final exam, only written coursework.  


What we would like our learners to become:

  • Knowledgeable about the fundamental skills so they can apply and adapt them to different activities to gain success and help other improve their performance.

  • Regular participators in a wide range of physical activity

  • Keen to lead a Healthy, Active lifestyle

  • Confident

  • Independent and reflective - aware of their personal competencies and areas for improvement

  • Competent in using key vocabulary in their discussion and analysis.

What we would like our learners to demonstrate:

  • The ability to reflect on their progress, analysing their own strengths and weaknesses so they are aware of what they need to do to improve.

  • Leadership skills – being able communicate clearly using effective planning to lead other.

  • Resilience in their learning, showing determination to overcome difficult challenges.

What we would like our learners to have:

  • Pathways to clubs they can attend to enhance performance

  • Physical confidence so that all students feel able to participate outside of their PE lessons.

  • A positive understanding about Healthy, Active lifestyles

  • Confidence to take ownership of their learning and progress

  • Confidence to fail

  • Transferable skills

  • Increased leadership and social skills

  • New and exciting opportunities