School Uniform

Lode Heath School and its Governors believe that a school uniform plays a valuable role in a sense of identity and community, as well as contributing to the ethos of our school and setting an appropriate tone.  A uniform also removes distractions for students which differing appearance can sometimes bring. Importantly, a uniform also promotes equality and supports families and carers who experience financial hardship.  Lastly, adherence to a dress code or uniform also helps prepare students for their future employment. 


Our uniform:

  • is cost effective.

  • promotes equality.

  • promotes positive standards of appearance.

  • is simple to adhere to.

Parents/carers are expected to ensure students wear full and correct uniform properly when in attendance.   Should you have any concerns about your ability to ensure this, please share this with our staff who will look to support you. 

Our main school uniform consists of:


  • Plain white shirt with button up neck.  Please ensure the neck is wide enough to enable your child to comfortably secure the top button.

  • Black blazer with school badge.

  • School tie – clip on school tie only*

  • Plain black ‘V’ neck jumper (optional).


*students who attend LHS prior to Sept 2021 will be permitted to wear their traditional tie, ensuring the knot is small, tied to the collar and shows a minimum of 12 stripes as we phase this out. 


  • Plain black, regular fit school trousers.  Trousers should hang from the waist and should be straight legged. Drainpipe, tight or turn-up styles are not permitted. No denim or Lycra. No adornments.


  • Lode Heath School black Charleston style box pleat skirt^ with visible gold waistband and Lode Heath star.


  • Plain black Charleston style box pleat skirt^ with visible waistband.


  • Plain black tights or plain black ankle socks.  Patterned tights or socks, knee high/over the knee socks or leggings are not permitted. 


^skirts must be knee length (against the crease of the knee) and waist bands must not be rolled up. 


  • Plain black, leather/ leather look, flat formal-wear shoes.

High heels, boots, backless shoes, and shoes that look like trainers are not permitted.  Shoes should be free of all logos or adornments.


Students may change footwear for sport at break or lunch but must return to the building in their formal-wear shoes.



  • Coats should be suitable for wet weather and should be worn over the blazer; they should be plain.

Hoodies (with or without a zip), sports tops or tank tops are not permitted. 


School bags:

  • Bags should be rucksack or satchel type, appropriate for carrying A4-sized books and other essential equipment. 

Handbags, pouches or similar are not permitted. 




  • Hair should be a natural colour and no shorter than no. 2; ‘tramlines’ and other non-natural features are not permitted.  

Nails & make up:

  • Students in years 7, 8 and 9 are not permitted to wear make-up, nail varnish or other additions.

  • As a privilege, students in year 10 and 11 are permitted to wear natural look make-up.

  • False nails or nails which feature non-natural colours or designs are not permitted.  Nails should be short and appear natural. 

  • Non-natural eyelashes and fake tan are not permitted. 


Jewellery – students may wear:

  • Single plain stud-earrings - these must be removed or taped for dance and PE type activities. 

  • A watch.

No other jewellery, including body piercings or smart watches are permitted.


  • Headwear for religious reasons such as turbans, hijabs and similar should be plain black.

      Other headwear is not permitted, including baseball caps which will be confiscated.










Our PE kit consists of:


  • LHS branded short sleeved PE t-shirt.



  • LHS branded shorts.


  • LHS branded tracksuit trousers.


  • LHS branded leggings.


Please note: the LHS skort is no longer permitted for any students from September 2021.   


  • Plain, navy socks – a change of socks are recommended. 


Outerwear – advised for colder months when outdoor PE still takes place. 


  • LHS branded hoody.


  • LHS branded rugby top.


Please note both the LHS rugby top and the LHS hoody will be phased out and replaced in September 2022 with a LHS branded training top (optional)*



  • Long hair must be tied back. 


Breaches of the uniform policy may result in one or more of the following:

  • Replacement uniform items being lent to the student to wear temporarily.

  • Items being confiscated.

  • Make-up or other additions removed.

  • Students sent home to change. They will be expected to make up this time and it will also be noted on their school record as an unauthorised absence.


 If uniform rules are regularly breached, formal sanctions will follow.

Examples of full school uniform

Examples of Uniform 2.JPG
Examples of Uniform.JPG