2022 Year 9 Options

Welcome to LHS Year 9 Options information page. Below you will find an introduction video to explain how Options at Year 9 is organised. Please watch this as it contains all the information you will require including key dates for submission. You will then find a short video for all three core subjects, English, Maths and Science which are compulsory subjects at GCSE, the Humanities options and the block A, B & C options. Each option subject has also provided a link to an information leaflet. These videos will provide an overview for each course from the Subject Lead teacher.


Further to this you will find the LHS Options Booklet, which contains all the information about how to choose your child’s option courses, as well as a parental guide about how to access the selection and submission page on INSIGHT. In order to find out what pathway course your child has been allocated, please see the Parental INSIGHT area where this information will be published on Monday 28th February.


Finally, if you have any further questions please see the links at the bottom of the page. Parents are able to submit any questions they may have which will be answered in the F.A.Q. section online. You will also find email addresses for any support or further questions you may have.


I hope you find this an informative event in supporting your child to make the best decision for their future courses.


Kind regards,


Mrs Summers

Deputy Head teacher

Core Subjects


Optional Subjects

Business or Enterprise and Marketing 

 Computing (Computer Science or Creative iMedia)

Please only choose 1 if you are looking at a computing option.

Design and Technology 

Media Studies 

Performing Arts 

Religious Studies 


Travel and Tourism

Please email options@lodeheath.org.uk for any queries.

IT can support can help with Insight option submissions at helpdesk@lodeheath.org.uk.

Mr Davies can help with any direct questions regarding career advice appointments at gjdavies@lodeheath.org.uk

Please click here for the options timeline.