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Geography                 Curriculum Video

The Geography faculty at Lode Heath School are a passionate and committed group of staff who want to ensure success both within the subject and over the course of an individual’s life.

We have put together a broad curriculum that covers of range of topics such as Weather and Climate, Africa, Ecosystems, Globalisation, Earthquakes and Volcanoes and Russia.

Students will complete a range of assessments during these topic areas including tests, decision making exercises, reports and presentations.

Our KS3 Curriculum is designed to build on skills such as latitude and longitude, grid references, scale and direction and symbols; all of which will be used at GCSE level. Our focus is on creating enthusiastic Geographers who have a keen interest in the world.

To further enrich the curriculum, we often give pupils the opportunity for a range of trips including Coombe Abbey, The Eden Project, London, The Peak District, American and Iceland!

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