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“It’s wonderful when students get involved in all aspects of school life.  You can see their confidence growing all the time.”

 -L Suddon, Headteacher

Headteacher's Message

Welcome to Lode Heath School, part of the Arden Multi Academy Trust – a caring and nurturing learning community with tolerance, respect and citizenship at its core. Our culture is underpinned by a strong sense of responsibility – for our choices, for our actions and for the way we treat those around us. We support each other, we value each other as individuals and we have the highest expectations of each other.

Our aim is to educate the whole person: to help every student, irrespective of their background or abilities, to build the skills, confidence and independence they need to thrive in higher education or the workplace.

Within this supportive community, we encourage students to stretch themselves, explore what they can achieve and develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.



Ms L Suddon


Our Ethos

Lode Heath School will provide a safe, happy and caring environment within which your child will thrive. Lode Heath offers a broad and inclusive curriculum and aims for the highest standards of academic excellence. This is a caring community where everyone is valued as an individual and we expect students to treat others as they would wish to be treated.​​Lode Heath has the highest expectations of behaviour and positive attitude. All students are encouraged to take part in the wide range of extra-curricular activities and take a full part in school life. Do something, be involved. We have much of which we are proud, including individual, team and school awards, but we continue to set ever more challenging targets for the future.


Character development has always been the soul of Lode Heath School. We truly believe that supporting young people as they flourish into well rounded adults, is as important as academic success. Since the foundation of Lode Heath School in 1939, our school logo has represented this ethos - the bear is a symbol of courage and strength; the star represents the moral compass we instil within our students from the moment they are welcomed into our warm community.


Exciting recent developments have elevated the star on the school logo further into its rightful place. Now it sits at the very heart of character development. A brand-new scheme for 2020/21 will see students develop character in a structured way, where progress and achievements will be recognised, rewarded and celebrated. Created with the input of students, parents and carers, staff, and the local community, we are proud to introduce our character development scheme: STARS. Look at the logo on your blazer…what do you see? The bear- a symbol of courage and strength- and a star. The star is us. Together, Lode Heath students, parents, carers, and staff are STARS. We are Sincere, Thoughtful, Aspirational, Resilient and exhibit exceptional Solidarity.


Lode Heath School is exceptionally proud to be part of Arden Multi-Academy Trust (AMAT). The centre of our shared values is the provision of high quality, dynamic education for everyone. Our academies have common values and core operational systems, which are applied locally and adapted to individual context and needs. To promote excellence in learning behaviour we are now participating in the core operational behaviour for learning system - PRIDE. Whilst character development is the heart and soul of Lode Heath School, PRIDE is the brains. Rocketing your way to astronomical academic success at Lode Heath is simple; students take PRIDE. They show Participation, Respect, Independence, Determination and put colossal Energy into learning. Academic progress, success and achievement are recognised, rewarded and celebrated within Lode Heath School and across the AMAT. Parents and carers, staff, and the wider community are proud of our students. When students learn with PRIDE, together we all succeed!

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