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Health and Social Care    Curriculum Video

KS4 Health and Social Care BTEC Technical Award

Health and Social Care is an exciting qualification that allows you to explore and develop your knowledge, skills and understanding of the Health, Social Care and the Children & Young People’s Sector. It will give you a real understanding and feel for what it entails to work in these sectors, and it will prepare you for work in a wide range of disciplines. Health and Social Care also involves gaining an in-depth knowledge of human growth and development, including factors which affect them. The knowledge gained will be of great advantage to anyone who would like to work and deal with people. The three components focus on the assessment of knowledge, skills and practices. These are all essential to developing a basis for progression and, therefore, learners need to achieve all components in order to achieve the qualification. The components are inter-related, and they are best seen as part of an integrated whole rather than as totally distinct study areas.

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