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SEND Transition Information

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Welcome to Lode Heath School; we are absolutely delighted that you have chosen to join our community. This section of the website will aim to give you some information from our students and parents that are currently at the school, and give you their viewpoint. We would have loved to have introduced them to you in person during induction day but unfortunately this has been delayed. All the students in this section are our SEND Champions and have had to overcome a number of barriers, but they are all doing so well and are a crucial part of our school. They will have faced some of the same anxieties and fears as you have currently, but with the help and support of parents and school we have managed to overcome a number of them. Hopefully you will see them all in person soon and we look forward to seeing you all in the near future! 


'I am the parent of a SEND pupil and a parent governor for Lode Heath. My child has settled into the school extremely well and is thriving. She was well supported during her transition from her primary school and offered additional support and any other help we needed to make the transition go smoothly. The communication between all parties involved was fantastic and this really eased our anxieties around this huge transition.' Parent Governor




Jacob said: “I feel supported by Mr Mohammed and Mrs Hopwood. We talked over my fears when I started LHS - it was nerve wracking at first but once I made friends school life became simpler.

I enjoy LHS very much, the support is outstanding!

I was encouraged to join after school clubs even though I was worried I’d be left out, but I wasn’t. I enjoy Hockey Club.”

Jacobs mum said: “As a parent I always feel supported by the SEND staff - they take time to listen, to understand and advise. Together, we have been able to build a solid network of support, enabling Jacob to reach his full learning potential.

I have seen Jacob grow in confidence and independence whilst attending LHS. We both have built firm relationships with teachers, based on mutual respect and understanding.”



Courtney said: "My time at Lode Heath has sometimes been challenging throughout Year 7, 8, and 9 because of Covid hitting us at the time it did.


I have found SEND useful because everyone has helped throughout my time at Lode Heath in all my different lessons, and when I first started they had also helped me throughout Covid.


My most enjoyable things that I have done is going on the English school trips, when we went to the theatre to see Macbeth and a Christmas Carol.


Don't be afraid to ask for help and support down at SEND because they are always there to help you."



Charlies mum said: “my son has ASD and was extremely anxious about going to secondary school.

A member of the SEND team offered to take us on a tour of the school during a quiet time which was really helpful.

We also met with Mrs Ward and Mr Mohammed (SEND) with our son who offered reassurance and ideas that would help my son with his anxieties regarding his transition, even introducing an ASD specialist who works alongside the school to aid this.

The SEND team genuinely care about all of the students, and I was confident my son would get the extra ongoing support if needed.

Alongside the ASD specialist their joint knowledge and understanding is second to none.”



Anyia said: "I know you might be a bit worried about starting in Year 7 but there's no need to be. I was worried too but not anymore. The school has been really great with helping me settle into school life. They really did help me in anyway I needed. There were so many kind teachers I could speak to and share my feelings, they would listen and made me feel more and more confident each day. Before I knew it, I was making so many friends and learning lots. I'm glad I chose to come to this school and I'm sure you will be too."

Anyia's parents said: "Feeling anxious is natural when your child is starting Year 7, but more so if your child has needs that require additional support. We had early discussions with the SEND Team to understand Anyia's needs as well as ours - we were made to feel our views were important.  They were always on hand to provide support and, more importantly, made time to listen to our concerns. The Team were clear on the next steps, provided flexibility, and took swift action to put in place all the things Anyia needed to begin life in secondary school. The Team were fantastic in helping to alleviate any concerns we had. The support they provided was invaluable during those early weeks at school, and beyond, which gave us confidence that the setting at Lode Heath was the ideal place for her to thrive."


Isabel’s parents said: "We would just like to mention how supportive the SEND provision team have been at Lode Heath, helping our daughter through what can be for some a daunting/difficult first year in Secondary School. The team have been very understanding and available to discuss any concerns we may have had. Even with the current COVID pandemic situation, with children not in school, they are still in regular contact and available to support the pupils and parents whilst at home. Having a child who struggles with Anxiety, it is reassuring to know that there is a team in place at the school who can support her and other pupils with SEND."

Please download the SEND Transition - Changing schools 2021 booklet via the link below and complete ready to bring back into school in September. This booklet aims to help inform us how best to support you.

SEND Transition - Changing schools 2023 booklet - 

The link below is there to help you put a face to the name of members of staff you may meet when you are in school.


SEND Transition - Key Staff at Lode Heath School -






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